Who is TW Walker?

I guess the first thing I should say is, “Welcome”.  This is my official home page….whatever “official” means!  Regardless of how you found my site, it’s purpose is to give you a sneak peek about who I am, what I do, how I do it, when I do it, and why I do it.

TW Walker – Inspirational And Motivational Speaker, Orlando, Tampa, South Florida

I am bashfully called the “Entrepreneur Superhero” by many because of my accomplishments, but I think it’s more because of my alter ego creation, Captain Breakthrough…he’s the one below on your left.  Captain Breakthrough With TW WalkerWhether you like Superheroes or not, this fella has changed things for me, and has led to appearances in Entrepreneur Magazine online and also an endorsement from the Napoleon Hill foundation.

Superheroes are, in fact, a big deal and part of our culture and we have a LOT to learn from them, even more in common with them than meets the eye…and THIS is why I created Captain Breakthrough: to help me get the point across that we’re all either forging a path, emulating someone of courage and strength that we admire, or fighting through fears, challenges, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities….and for what? So we can become, at minimum, a semblance of what we all recognize and know as….a Superhero.

When you have a doubt, a fear, a worry, a challenge…just remember what and who you want to be and/or become, focus on it, and you WILL have the breakthroughs to help you achieve Superhero status in life and business.

If you haven’t noticed already, I like to have fun, and I have never been accused of taking life too seriously….as you get to know me through my suite of websites and mobile applications and you think I DO, then we need to have a “serious” talk!

To learn more about me as a SPEAKER, you guessed it….go to my Speaker page.  To learn more about the Elite Mastermind Membership I’ve created with my partners then visit www.SocialWealthU.com.  If you feel that you just can’t stand it, and you have to see me live or want to touch my cape, shake my hand, or take a pic with me, then go to my Events page.  Here you will also learn more about my private coaching programs offered ONLY to those who attend my live events.  For all else, just poke around the site because I’m always changing stuff around.

If you’re interested in having me (blush) speak at your next event I can do it as either a keynote on the variety of super cool topics I speak on…I can also be a guest speaker at a multi-speaker event.  I am able and willing to modify any of my talks to fit your needs, as long as it’s beneficial to both of us.  Again, my speaking topics and all additional details are on my speaking page, but you get the idea.

Oh, and if you want the unvarnished truth as I know it about business stuff (that would be marketing, mindset….i.e., getting over yourself….local marketing, social marketing, viral marketing, and a whole lot more) as well frequent rants about life and my various adventures, then you’ll definitely want to follow my blog, which is here!

And yes, I wholeheartedly believe that Fear Sucks, and so does Captain Breakthrough.
Fear Sucks