Everyone asks me, “Why the attachment to Superheroes?” and “Why network marketing?”, so I’ll address both here.

First, the reason I am an advocate, evangelist, and thought leader to home-based entrepreneurs, and in particular network marketers, is because I believe that it is the BEST path to time and money freedom for entrepreneurs.

As for the Superhero attachment, at the age of 3 years old I was openly struck by a speeding car, breaking nearly every bone on the left side of my body. Initially, I wasn’t expected to make it through the night, and I ended up spending 6 weeks in traction in the hospital, then another 9 months in a full body cast.

In the hospital my mom would buy me Superman and other comic books and soon I found myself wanting to be like my new Superhero idols I saw in the comic books.  In the body cast, I became an entrepreneur for the first time when I began renting out my Big Wheel.

Over the years I’ve built several different businesses, from consulting, coaching, tee shirts, information, and two network marketing distributorships…

I’ve since appeared in Entrepreneur Magazine online and also received a rare endorsement from the Napoleon Hill foundation.

Your Breakthrough CoachNetwork marketing is the BEST way to attain time and money freedom.

In other words, when you take the time the time to become fully educated on what exactly network marketing is, follow the right leadership that can teach it to you, and plug into great systems, and be in the right company…network marketing will provide you with much more than just leadership development.  It will provide you with time and financial freedom.

The accident, Superheroes, and entrepreneurship would set the stage for what would later become the foundation of my success philosophy. I now teach and share it with other entrepreneurs:

Expand your CAPE-ability®. Character, Attitude, Perseverance, and Enthusiasm are the core building blocks to anyone’s success as an entrepreneur.  It’s your ability and willingness to improve and expand on each one every single day -in spite of fears you have- will absolutely take you from where you are to where you want to be.

My alter ego creation, Captain Breakthrough®…he’s the one below with the “curl”…helps me metaphorically teach these building blocks. As the Crusader of Positivity and Dispeller of Fear, Captain Breakthrough knows that Fear Sucks®.

TW Walker and Captain Breakthrough


“My love is business and entrepreneurship, but my passion is network marketing.
Why? Because it’s like a leadership development program with a compensation plan attached!”

A few years ago, my fiancé sustained TWO traumatic brain injuries in a 40-day time span leaving her unable to WALK or process information correctly.

Pretty scary stuff…and when I chose to take FULL TIME care of her on her recovery, I realized the POWER of residual income, the FREEDOM it gives you…and more importantly….LIFE itself! Because it can be taken from you JUST LIKE THAT!

If I wasn’t WORKING with clients, I wasn’t making money, so I began building more ONLINE incomes to replace it, and they made me a lot of money, but it also created more work – AND it wasn’t residual!Superhero Success Book

No stranger to the profession of network marketing, I got re-involved VERY SERIOUSLY because of the residual income possibilities, AND because the concept fit PERFECTLY into my already busy schedule.

I’m building my blog, my podcast, and all my social media in order to share my journey to the top again with others.

Now my wife is mostly recovered, our journey continues, and our focus now is fun, freedom, and fulfillment – which is what “LIVING” is all about!

And yes, I wholeheartedly believe that Fear Sucks®, so if you want to expand your CAPE-ability®, then follow me. You’ll also want to grab a copy of my book, Superhero Success, like so many others have.

If you want the unvarnished truth as I know it about business stuff (that would be marketing, mindset….i.e., getting over yourself….local marketing, social marketing, self promotion, and a whole lot more) as well frequent rants about life and my various adventures, then you’ll definitely want to follow my blog, which is here!