How To Start A Business From Home For Lifestyle Freedom

Never chase opportunity. You don’t need to because it’s all around us, all the time.  All you have to do is open your eyes and be open. From there, find the information you need to learn how to effectively and profitably start a business from home. We all fall into the category of “opportunity seeker”, […]

Why Fear Sucks And How To Use It To Your Advantage

The graphic pretty much says it all. We all deal with it no matter who we are and what we do. It is and always will be a part of our lives. It’s presented to us constantly through the media, which then disseminates it to us through all the various media channels. It rears it’s […]

Network Marketing Can Change Your Life For The Better

Network marketing is a misunderstood profession that I like to compare to smoking…not too many years ago it was common to have “Smoking” and “Non Smoking” sections in restaurants, and as it became PROVEN that it will literally KILL you, regulations and laws began to be passed prohibiting the practice in most public buildings. Now, […]

How To Think Like A Superhero, Not A Villain

I’m not quite sure why so many negative people don’t want you to succeed, but it’s probably because they are so miserable with their own existence that they want to shed some darkness on your light. As one of my mentors once told me: “If you’re going to soar with the eagles, you can’t hang […]

Caitlyn Jenner Joining A Network Marketing Company?

While standing in line at the grocery store, I always like to read the headlines on magazine covers to see how well they lure me in, make me laugh, make me angry, or all of the above.  When I saw the recent Vanity Fair cover touting Bruce…err, Caitlyn…Jenner’s brand new look as a woman after […]

Why Speakers And Network Marketing Make The Perfect Match

Network marketing is such a vast business that can be built in so many different ways. I know because, since I became a pure student of network marketing 20 years ago, reading more than two dozen books on the topic, I have learned that it is like any other business and needs to be treated […]

Power Is Doing What Works Instead Of Knowing It All

Just imagine for a moment if you are standing at a copy machine, you put the document in you want an exact copy of, but when you press “Start” or “Copy” the machine decides to get creative and do something a bit unique and “change things up a bit” before making your copy.  Instead of […]

How To Assess A Great Home Based Business Opportunity

I’ve had the good fortune of working from home for most of my adult life.  Although I have owned a brick and mortar business, I prefer a home based business opportunity because of the freedom it provides and also the ridiculously low overhead.  There’s nothing better than having a 6 figure income where you set […]

Painful Realities of Network Marketing

There are many realities in network marketing that apply to all business models, but there are also many which are very unique to the network marketing world. Some of these realities can be painful to accept, but once you become educated on the law of numbers and also common human behavior you’ll soon start to […]

How Far Can You Go With Network Marketing?

I’ve done large and small trainings for distributors in 3 different companies, and I’ve often heard people say in a testimony, “My name is XX and I’m FULL TIME (insert company)”. But then they wake up the next day and go to a job they claim to hate.  This article is not meant to cast […]