Starting a home business in the network marketing profession is the best way of creating financial freedom unless you’re fortunate enough to be born into it and have a trust fund at your disposal.  For most of us, this is not the case, so we’re left to start a business.

We live in a world today where being an entrepreneur or, at bare minimum, having the “entrepreneurial spirit” is vital to your success, no matter what you do.  What exactly is “entrepreneurial spirit”?  It’s the mental tenacity to be willing and able to do Whatever Is Needed (WIN), and be accountable to it.

This is how I’ve built 3 successful businesses that provide me varying degrees of freedom. Being successful as an entrepreneur is embracing the concept of multiple streams of income, but having freedom as an entrepreneur is embracing the concept of passive and residual income.

In network marketing, if you follow great leadership, if you’re involved with a great company, and if you treat it seriously for a short time, you’ll benefit for a lifetime. It opens many doors for other opportunities.

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