consult directly with me

Don't just get a taste for the mobile lifestyle - LIVE IT!  

I've had many mentors in my life, so I understand sometimes you want, or even need, a mentor to help out directly in order to speed up the process of getting to where you want to go.

There are 3 things you should be focused on right now:

  1.  Your foundation - this is your social network or TRIBE.  This is why I created the InstaBreakthrough course to show you how I've developed Instagram accounts with over 250,000 engaged followers in various niches.
  2.  Your personal development - this is your CHARACTER.  Check my Resources page for books I've read, courses I've taken, and information I study to be in a constant state of improvement.
  3.  Your multiple income streams - this is your FREEDOM.  Once you read my Mobile Business Success Guide, you'll understand all the ways to create automated and semi-automated income from your Tribe.

If you have BURNING QUESTIONS about how to grow your tribe with Instagram beyond what I teach in the InstaBreakthrough course, if you want STRONGER INFLUENCE with your tribe, or if you would like to BRAINSTORM IDEAS with me to get you where you want to go faster, then let's do it.

My fees are simple:

One 30-minute Session:  $250

**I believe you can get more done in 30 minutes than 7 days if you focus.

Five 30-minute Sessions:  $1,100  (Save 12%)

Ten 30-minute Sessions:  $2,000  (Save 20%)

If you would like to work with me NOW without paying any of my consulting or coaching fees there is only one way to do this, and it's by through my company Breakthroughs Worldwide with our Mobile Travel Business program.  Spots are limited.