Hi, I’m TW Walker.

If you’re looking some corporate sounding, third party “mumbo jumbo” – sorry, but you’re about to be disappointed….

I’ve always loved the “about me” page on websites because they’re written in the third person …even though they’re almost always written by the person it’s about.

So after TW Walker made several attempts to sound smarter than he really is by writing about himself in the third person, he quickly abandoned that approach and decided to write this page like it was a letter to a friend.

Which …in many ways, it is.

Ok, so third party sarcasm aside, let’s get to what you really want to know….

As of this writing I’m 50 years old. I live in Sarasota, Florida with my wife, Heather.

We have a white fluffy dog named Jack that I’ve had since he was a puppy, and he’s pretty much our home security system, or at least that’s the impression I think he has.

Seriously…I’m pretty sure that’s not the kind of stuff you’re looking for.

You’re probably wondering,

“Can this guy really help me?”

Well, considering WHY I became an entrepreneur in the first place and the businesses (and freedom) I’ve built over the years, I would say absolutely yes (more on my story below)…

But for many readers, my answer is NO.


Here’s why:

1.  I can not help you if you are not willing or UNwilling to listen.

For some reason, people think becoming successful is a quick fix.

Or worse yet, they think there’s such a thing as an “automated” business.

I get it.

We have more in common that what you realize right now – I’ll share more on my story as you read on.

Although I became an entrepreneur at a VERY young age, I was never really “shown” the way.

I was encouraged by my parents, but not really shown what to do and what not to do.

As a result, I figured our precisely what to avoid as you do your diligence.

Also what to LOOK FOR.

But most importantly HOW to UNlearn the things that weren’t serving me.

And all I mean by that is understanding how business really works and tossing out the garbage taught by most gurus…

is the first step.

I now have five businesses, along with multiple investments fed by the income generated from those businesses.

More importantly, both businesses are set up intentionally to provide me with a significant amount of freedom, as well as location independence.

So if you’re looking for someone to perform some sort of magic on your situation, or help you get rich quick…I’m not your guy.


2.  If you’re not willing to participate in your own rescue, I don’t want to help you.

It’s important you understand what I’m telling you.

I can help you, I just won’t.  I’ve been doing this too long.  I’m more than capable of it, but I refuse to do it.


Because when I hear someone say, “I don’t have any money”, what I’m really hearing is, “I’d rather make an excuse than get to work”.

And that translates to what I call a “losing proposition”.

If this is you, then you can easily continue to make excuses for where you’re at in life and why you don’t have the things or the lifestyle you really want.

I’ve learned that excuses are the most expensive thing you’ll ever invest in…

So, if you’re not willing to participate in your own rescue and invest in your success, I’m not your guy.


You’re still here?  Good.

Here’s what you can expect from me if we work together.

To start, total transparency.

Simply put, I like to work with people who are a great fit.

Meaning, fun and anxious to learn.

I learned a long time ago that it’s really easy to lead a horse to water, but getting them to drink you have no control over.

Aside from transparency and being up front with you about how I can help you, I’ll provide you with and coach you on:

– Proven strategies and tactics (a system I’ve perfected) to start an online business and position yourself for major profit and location independence.

– Implementation of digital strategies designed to attract people to you.

– Advice on how to gain more confidence so you can more effectively lead others.

– Systems and resources for leveraging social media in a way that most people never figure out.

– How to be or become a trusted resource instead of a cheesy salesperson or promoter.

Then if we end up working together, you’ll be invited to be a part of my inner circle.

I think they call this a “win win proposition”, right?

But you might still be wondering…


How Do I Know You’re Going To Get Me The Results I Want?

Well, the smartest thing to do is book a time on my calendar and let’s talk.

Relationships are very important to me, and this is why I like to spend a few minutes on the phone with people so we can share and learn about each other…

If it’s a good fit, great.  If not, that’s cool too.