Blunt Truth About Entrepreneurialism

As another year comes to a close I decided to write a rather blunt article about entrepreneurialism.  New year’s resolutions are being considered, and a renewed zest to be smarter, skinnier, and richer is crossing nearly everyone’s mind.

The problem is that every marketer in the world knows this.  And like a chemist in a laboratory they are all plotting out sales letters, videos, social “proof”, and photos all in an effort to woo you into their tangled web.

Soon your social feeds will be filled with all the ways you can get smart, skinny, and rich…

And also soon your head will be spinning from the bombardment of it all.

For some, the resolution never really begins except for the gym membership they only use once.  In other words the commitment to these resolutions were shallow at best.

For others it’s all mapped out and everything is in place, and the commitment is in place; the only thing remaining is the actual action toward it’s achievement.

It takes a really strong mental resolve to see a resolution through to it’s completion.  So strong that very few people ever accomplish anything big in life. The path of least resistance is the road most often traveled for most.

I can speak to each these three core resolutions people make because I am a people too.  I want to be smarter, skinnier, and richer.

The difference between me and most others, though, is I have always been very competitive and honest with myself.  And that is why, at nearly 50 years of age, I am in the best physical shape of my life, why I have a personal library of nearly 1,500 books and countless other courses, and why I have two successful businesses that I operate from home or where ever I happen to be.

My question for you is this:

Are you competitive with yourself?

In other words, do you set your mind to do something no matter what other people think of that goal now?  Do you have it set in your mind that even though you may not have the knowledge right now to attain the goal you’ve set that you will figure it out…no matter how long it takes?

If you answered yes, yes, and yes to these questions then I have good news for you…

Your quest to become smarter, skinnier, and richer just became inherently easier.  


Because the true, inner commitment to a goal is harder than the actual action toward attaining it.

Without knowledge and only commitment the universe has laws in place that bring the knowledge into your life that helps you attain or acquire those things – as long as your commitment is backed up with action.

However, without commitment and only knowledge there is no emotional juice to fuel the action needed to turn the knowledge into power.

I’m going to assume you have at least a 51% commitment to attaining whatever your resolution happens to be…

And I’m also going to assume that you don’t have all the knowledge to attain these things, otherwise you would have probably already sought it out and attained these things by now.

So you turn to the Internet…

You find ads online and in your social feed for:

  • 6-pack abs in 2 weeks with only 5 minutes a day.
  • Start an Amazon drop shipping business.
  • Become a coach and earn 6 figures from home.
  • Publish your first book in less than a month.
  • Become a Network Marketing superstar and never speak to friends and family.
  • The 5 minute secret to earning millions trading stocks.
  • Lost 10 pounds of fat in 10 days.
  • Become an Instagram influencer in less than 6 months.

And I could literally list hundreds upon hundreds of opportunities that may or may not have the potential to make anyone smarter, skinnier, and richer.

I’ve learned that in order to become richer, you have to become smarter.  In order to become smarter, you have to be willing to fail and not care what other people think. In order to become skinnier, you have to be healthier.  In order to become healthier, you have to become smarter.

It’s cyclical.

Everything ultimately revolves around the true commitment you make, and also your willingness to fail enough to become smarter.

The only way to shorten the learning curve for ANYTHING is to read good books, hire great coaches, and surround yourself with the RIGHT people.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say that you’ve decided that you are going to lose 20 pounds and start a home-based business in the new year.

You’re completely gung ho on both, but you haven’t really been fit since high school and you’ve never been an entrepreneur.

In this instance the commitment is seldom very strong because there’s no real or recent experience with either.

So you go to your social media accounts as well as Google and you start searching for and researching the best ways to lose 20 pounds.

The 90 day program looks pretty enticing, but you find yourself asking what happens after that?  Then you see another ad for the latest Tibetan yam root pill (or whatever) that you take with a rare blueberry only harvested in the Amazon jungles. Then you see another program guaranteed to give you shredded 6 pack abs (which is all you really want anyway) in only two weeks.

So you say, “What the heck, I’m just going to try them all!”, and you buy $500 worth of all this stuff and during the checkout process they offer you a ONE TIME ONLY virtual online coaching through a fancy membership area for only $19 a month.  

Since you’re already “committed” you decide to go all in.

THEN, while you’re in the “all in” spirit of things you decide to go ahead and knock out this start your own business thing and start searching for what’s going to make you rich and get you out of your job.

BINGO!  Now you’re debating between hiring those people that have made $7,000,000,000 (billion) on Amazon by drop shipping and never lifting a finger OR hiring those people whose ad you saw in Facebook who can make you a superstar in that network marketing “thing” you joined a while back – all without pestering your friends and family, without ever going to a meeting, and without talking to anyone except those that are interested.

You decide the path of least resistance is the best way to go on both counts.  You don’t really have the time to go the gym 4 days a week, and those supplements come straight to your door…plus you can take them in the morning before work and at night when you’re watching reruns to save time.

You then decide against the Amazon thing because it sounds too good to be true.  Anyway, you already “pretty much” know what it takes to get to the top of that network marketing thing you joined a couple years ago because you listened to part of an audio on your way to 7-Eleven once.  You just need more people to talk to and these other guys can sure deliver that.

BAM!  The plan is in place!

You’re going to drink your rare blueberry juice and take your Tibetan yam root pill every day, then do your 5 minutes of exercise for two weeks.  So you can check the lose 20 pound thing off your list early on in the year.

Then you’re going to hire these guys for $5,000 or buy this revolutionary new software that will fill your inbox with people dying to talk to you about your business so you can become a superstar in your network marketing company. By the end of month one you’ll have more than you can handle since you’re still working a full time job, so you figure within 3-6 months you’ll be a top earner then you can quit your job.

You will have accomplished your goal of losing 20 pounds and starting a successful home-based business.

Life is good.


You took action, but you haven’t really gotten any smarter yet.  You haven’t failed enough, you haven’t learned how to EFFECTIVELY communicate with people and build a relationship, you haven’t aligned with the right coaches and/or people that can give you the right expectations to have that will match your action steps.

Remember, in order to become richer, you have to become smarter.  In order to become smarter, you have to be willing to fail and not care what other people think. In order to become skinnier, you have to be healthier.  In order to become healthier, you have to become smarter.

It’s all cyclical.

Taking a pill and drinking a juice alone does not make you healthier.  Doing 5 minutes of exercise a day does not make you skinnier. Similarly, people do NOT follow other people that expect something for doing little or nothing.  They follow leaders.

These were just examples, but I hope I’ve driven my point home because this is how most people actually think.  They never really TRULY make a commitment to accomplish a goal. Instead they just make a statement that’s never been internalized.

It’s taken me nearly 30 years of trial and error on my commitment to have a rock solid, healthy body even as I got into middle age.  Not a pill, or a drink. I’ve spent at least 1-2 hours in a gym or doing rigorous exercise, hiring trainers and dieticians, testing various supplements – over that 30 years.  And although my body has gone through changes over the years, it was my long term COMMITMENT to the goal that has allowed me to attain and keep the body I want.

And the same goes for entrepreneurial endeavors….

I’ve started many businesses.

Most of them made very little money and failed.

But I learned from every single failure and loss.

I surrounded myself with great people.

I learned to STUDY those who had success in what I was pursuing and not listen to naysayers.

Quick story:

I once attended a weekend seminar on Facebook marketing when the Facebook ad platform was still in its infancy.  I bare knew how to post on Facebook let alone run an ad.

By the end of the weekend, I had an idea, I knew the basics, and I took action.

Within one month I had become a world record holder (at the time) for selling more red tee shirts than anyone in the history of the fulfillment company I was working with (and I earned a cool $35,000 net).

I didn’t expect this going in, but I took immediate action after learning how to do it.  THEN, I hired a coach. I figured if I could do that on my own, then “just imagine” how much I could do with a coach looking over my shoulder.

I rode this wave for about two years, made about $250,000 on the side, and learned -yet again- the value of being smart, getting training, and hiring or surrounding yourself with people who had what I wanted or know how to get it.

As it pertains to my example above about network marketing I see this happen far too often.

I’m a HUGE fan of network marketing.  Always have been. For the same reason I’m still a fan of Facebook ads to sell anything:  I learned how they work, I worked them intelligently, and I profited. Even though I no longer sell tee shirts online I know people who still do.

If you’re not a fan of network marketing, then I sincerely feel sorry for you.

If you ARE a fan of network marketing and you’re guilty of doing something similar to the example above, then shame on you for not taking the time to educate yourself.

Network marketing, like ANY other business, is all about relationships.  Whether that be through friends and family or through people you meet on Facebook through an ad or random post, it’s ALL ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIPS you have with people.

People don’t just “magically” come beating down your door to join your team.  And it sure doesn’t happen automatically as these promoters imply. In an effort to sell a subscription to their monthly software that builds miracle funnels OR thousands in consulting to build it for you they conveniently forget to mention the fact that:

  1. Ads cost money, and sometimes a LOT of money if you don’t know what you are doing.  If you hire someone, they are not free and don’t know your business like you do.
  2. As simple to use as some software is there are elements to software they don’t mention like copywriting, headlines, additional fees for autoresponders and booking software.  Again, much more to it than what they say.

That being said, I’m a huge fan of the right consultants.  I’m also a huge fan of software. But I’m a bigger fan of personal development because without it, you’ll never be effective with any software you purchase or consultant you hire.

You have to learn how to communicate with people.

If you can’t communicate with your friends and family, then you’re sure as heck not going to be able to communicate with people you’ve never met before.

Communication, even in digital form, leads to relationships.  Software can speed up the process of developing these relationships, but you MUST learn how to communicate and lead.

And you can’t do this unless you learn to follow the right people.  Then the right people will eventually follow you.

Any successful person (in any business) will tell you that your networth is directly related to your network and vice versa.

The people who are selling programs like “never talk to your friends and family”, “never talk to strangers in the mall”, “never have a home meeting” and all that horse manure have probably never built a real network.  They’re SELLING you on their program because they KNOW most people want to take the path of least resistance and hope they never have to endure rejection.

This isn’t an article about network marketing.  It’s also not an article about health and fitness.

It’s an article that is about entrepreneurialism.  It’s about full transparency. It’s about being able to understand who you’re following.  It’s about learning to be smart after you’ve made a commitment to do anything.

It’s about surrounding yourself with great people.

I always say, “Follow the right people, and the right people will follow you”.