Chase Your Dreams, Not Your Opportunities

Never chase opportunity. You don’t need to because it’s all around us, all the time.

All you have to do is open your eyes…

and be open.

Opportunity comes in two forms:

Good opportunities, and…

Bad opportunities.

We all fall into the category of “opportunity seeker”, but most people simply don’t know what they’re looking for other than something different, better, or both.  

There is NO shortage of opportunity in this world, but most people don’t know how to truly assess an opportunity to distinguish the good from the bad.

Freedom should always be the number one goal of any business opportunity, but unfortunately that is usually the last thing people attain.


Because they don’t know how to truly distinguish the good opportunities from the bad ones.

Learning how to start a business from home (or as I like to say…from where ever you are) should be your #1 priority if being your own boss and having lifestyle freedom is important to you.

What Is An Opportunist?

An opportunist is formally defined as “a person who exploits circumstances to gain immediate advantage rather than being guided by consistent principles or plans”.

But this definition is fundamentally flawed because, as humans… especially those of us guided by consistent principles, morals, and integrity as part of our daily plan…

we are constantly looking for -or alert to- the appearance of a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

THIS is what an opportunist REALLY is according to the formal definition of opportunity…

Being in a mental position of educated thought to investigate and capitalize on something that offers lifestyle development, however you define that.

It’s all about lifestyle freedom and development…

For me, lifestyle development is anything within the confines of my moral compass that puts me in a position to enjoy life more in some way.  

And that’s why, for almost 20 years as of this writing, I have worked from home, or from where ever I am (mobile).

It’s a never ending quest for me to get better, to help more people, to gain a bigger edge, and basically always look for ways to improve my journey as a work from home entrepreneur.

So when opportunity presents itself you don’t (and shouldn’t) take advantage of everything, but you should investigate it with an educated mind.


Because we live in a ripple effect world and one decision you make WILL impact your life and the world around you, one way or the other.

What if you say no to opportunity with zero investigation because you’re too busy being average?  What if you reject an idea that could alter your life and the world around you because of a false assumption? 

With the ripple effect in mind, and aside from the impact on you directly, just think about how many people in your immediate circles and all over the world you are potentially hurting with that limited view of reality!!

Most of my millionaire friends scoff at close-minded people because they understand leverage.  They understand that learning how to start a business from home is the best way to attain lifestyle freedom for the average person.

Don’t be fat, broke, and dumb

Like fish in the water, most people either jump at every shiny lure they see…which makes you “fat, broke, and dumb”.

Or they refuse to go after anything because they either fear they will fail in their attempt OR they think it’s “just another lure” like all the others…which also makes you “fat, broke, and dumb”.

Coming from a place of constant and never ending improvement (Kaizen) I have always investigated all lures that I find.  

Some more than others, but I OBJECTIVELY investigate and thoughtfully think through opportunities.  

I think through how it could either benefit me or someone I know.This very rational, very objective “modus operandi” has introduced me to people that have played significant roles in the betterment of my life, as well as millions of financial reasons to be very happy (wink).

All this being said, chase your dreams…not your opportunities.

Seek opportunities, FOLLOW them when they come along, investigate them and the people promoting them, then use your BRAIN and deductive reasoning to determine on your own if it’s viable.

All opportunities have a cost.  Freedom is not free.

And sometimes the people promoting opportunity A will throw opportunity B “under the bus” so to speak.

I know this because once you’ve investigated enough opportunity you can learn this for yourself.

For example, you may find an opportunity where someone will teach you “How To Be A 6 Figure Consultant”, then proceed to tell you in their pitch that you need to stop messing around with your “piddly” network marketing company….that you need to stop chasing your friends and family, and many other “snake oil” lines designed to lure you into THEIR opportunity.

The same could be said for some franchise promoters.  Some of the small time ones will tell you in their pitch something similar to throw all other opportunities under the bus.

Franchising is a GREAT business model, but you have to do some serious investigating because often there is a significant up front investment, AND freedom is not high on the priority list of benefits for most franchises.

Network marketing is a GREAT business model but, like franchising, there are good companies and bad companies.

Affiliate marketing is a GREAT business model and it has a whole different set of challenges that network marketing and franchising does not have.

The purpose of this article is not to break down all the different business models available to you.

It’s to let you know that opportunity is meant to be pursued and researched, not chased and hounded.

And if you’re in a network marketing style business, don’t EVER be fooled by charlatan promoters who tell you to stop chasing your friends and family…DON’T CHASE ANYONE, EVER.  

Being a leader in life and business is all about becoming the person you want people to follow, and it doesn’t matter what business you choose to pursue!

We all have the same 24 hours in every day…

what you choose to think about and focus your attention on is YOUR choice.  

If you think you have no time because of work or business, then you’re missing the message. If you think you don’t need to be an opportunist then you’re cheating yourself out of a better lifestyle.

And for those of you who think this post was about money and your fingers are just ITCHING to reply below…

Maybe something like, “There’s more to life than money”, “Money doesn’t buy happiness” or any of many similar “drone-like” remarks, please refrain because this is not about money.

It’s about the time we have on this earth.  Make the most of it! It’s about leverage and gaining the knowledge on how to start a business from home that provides you exactly what you want.

TW Walker has been a location independent entrepreneur for almost two decades, has written a book endorsed by the Napoleon Hill foundation, and is the Founder of Breakthroughs Worldwide, a leadership development company. He teaches the power of entrepreneurship and leveraged income.

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