My fees are simple:

One 30-minute Session:  $375
**I believe you can get more done in 30 minutes than 7 days if you focus.

Five 30-minute Sessions:  $1,650  (Save 12%)

Ten 30-minute Sessions:  $3,000  (Save 20%)

If you would like to work with me NOW without paying any of my consulting or coaching fees there is only one way to do this, and it’s through my company Breakthroughs Worldwide, a leadership development company.  Here I teach people some VERY important things:

  1.  How to travel the world like a VIP for free
  2.  Leadership (how to gain influence)
  3.  Leverage (how to build a professional network and plug into the right systems)

Spots are limited and it’s by application only.  This program is designed with your freedom in mind and is strictly for people with a “No BS” mindset.

I can only work with about 20 people at a time, DIRECTLY, and I receive MANY more applications than that.  The personal relationships developed by us working together and you being a part of my FAST GROWING NETWORK will provide you with exponential resources to expand your wealth!

Private message me on Facebook for more details.