How To Think Like A Superhero, Not A Villain

I’m not quite sure why so many negative people don’t want you to succeed, but it’s probably because they are so miserable with their own existence that they want to shed some darkness on your light.

As one of my mentors once told me:

“If you’re going to soar with the eagles, you can’t hang out with turkeys!”

My translation:

“If you’re going to be a Superhero, you can’t hang out with villains!”

You CANNOT afford to let villains into your world.

Think about it this way:

One rotten apple in a bag will spoil all them quickly. Walk, talk, and think positive thoughts, then create impenetrable walls around them and not let ANY villains in.

This is not easy because sometimes it’s your close friends and family who are the culprits, but this is YOUR life, not theirs.

Success is not easy, otherwise everyone would be pursuing it and living it. So don’t let your world become infected by other people’s past failures.

People WILL mock you behind your back, people will start avoiding you, and some will even claim you’re chasing rainbows.

That’s ok.

Pursue your dreams, stay positive, maintain affirmation about the direction you’re headed, and maybe your “friends” will decide to support you later.

Your first steps toward soaring high above the negativity is to step away from the villains who are dishing it out.

Expand your CAPE-ability® – Be a Superhero!!!

TW Walker has been a location independent entrepreneur for almost two decades and is the Founder of Breakthroughs Worldwide, a leadership development company. His work with entrepreneurs has been endorsed by the Napoleon Hill foundation.

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